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PRE-ORDER Medium Dough Bowl White



This is a PRE-ORDER. Candles will arrive in about 2 weeks. Choose the scent you would like and add it to the comment section when you check out.  

1- Wooden Dough Bowl 5+ Wick Candle 22-24 oz.

Each bowl varies in size due to them being hand carved. 

20 hour burn time


All candles are hand poured in Montgomery, AL with pure soy wax, cotton wick and premium selected fragrance oils.

Trim wick before each lighting 1/4 inch to insure longer cleaner burning and allow candle to melt fully. 

Pink Suga- Vanilla + Caramel + Cotton Candy

White Linen- Soft Linen + Sandalwood

Sweet Milk + Lavender- Lavender + Coconut Milk

Barnwood- Leather + Rustic Wood

Grace- Cashmere + Vanilla + Pear

Autumn Leaves- Clove + Nutmeg + Apples

Grandma’s Kitchen- Apple Pie + Spices

Spiced Chai- Pumpkin + Graham Crackers + Cinnamon

Pumpkin Waffles- Waffles + Butter + Brown Sugar

Farmers Flannel- Tobacco + Vanilla + Bergamot

Ginger Spice- Peppercorn + Mandarin + Vanilla

Orange Caramel Cake- Pound Cake + Oranges + Vanilla

Hot Ruby- Cinnamon + Cider + Red Wine

Blueberry Crumble- Blueberries + Butter + Cinnamon

Coffee Shop- Glazed Doughnuts + Black Coffee

Berry Brûlée- Buttery Pancakes + Berries

Sweet Home- Cinnamon Sticks + Clove + Vanilla

Cranberry Marmalade- Orange + Cranberry + Vanilla

Mistletoe Kisses- Fir Needles + Green Apples + Berries

Frankincense & Myrrh- Bergamot + Amber + OUD

O’ Christmas Tree- Balsam + Fir Trees + Eucalyptus