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My Story

Welcome! I am Bridget, owner of hello fancy boutique!

Have you ever just felt in your heart you just had to do something? I remember sitting in my classroom one day and having an overwhelming feeling of 'I am not in the right place'. I prayed, and for three years I was not at peace with where I was.

Slowly, doors began to open and it was clear what I needed to do. You see, I love to encourage people. I love to get to know people, bring out the best in them, and lead them to where they need to be. I think women need to support one another and encourage! I thought 'why not use what I am good at to bring our inner beauty to the surface'. I prayed some more and let me tell you how things unfolded. I began slowly online, very slowly, and one day I set up "pop up" shop in my town's vendor show.

Rumor got around that I wanted to open a boutique in our little town. The City Manager approached me and said " I hear you want to open a boutique." I told him it was just a dream, but if a particular building opened up (as I pointed to the building I am in today), I would probably do it.

As God works, the next day, the Mayor of our town approached me and said "Guess what, the building you wanted just became available today."

As he walked away, chills began to overcome me. I prayed some more, and every little detail fell into place. The rest is history...I opened my dream boutique and have made customers into dear friends. I have laughed with my girls, cried, prayed with them, and still to this day, find pieces that will make them feel beautiful and bring out the women they are.

I pick out all our pieces and do extensive research to find pieces that will fit and flatter all ages and body types, no matter where you may be in life (we have all been there, believe me) I look forward to bringing out your best you! 

Be your own beautiful... you have so much to offer.